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I FOUR SECTION A THE ARIZONA DAILY STAR TUCSON, TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 1982 GO FISH OR CLAM UP. FISH FRYOr CLAM FRY Every Wednesday and Friday Delicious fried fillet of flounder or freshly breaded fried clams with French fries, crispy cole slaw, tartare sauce, and roll and butter. ALL YOU CAN EAT $3.99 HOWARD (JUST EAST OF PARK AVE. 1015 E. BENSON HWY ON THE BENSON HWY.) '82's storms keep piling up records By David L.

Langford The Associated Press Snow deep enough to hide telephone poles in the mountains of California may not melt by the end of summer, meteorologists said yesterday as the storms of 1982 put more entries in the record books. While spring scored a breakthrough across much of the country, a post-Easter snowstorm buried parts of Vermont under a foot of snow and cities in Colorado were hit by damaging winds gusting to 128 mph. Another Pacific storm took aim on Northern California, where 7 inches of rain and gale winds over the weekend caused mudslides and flooding, killed at least four people and left four missing. University Hospital Charles and Debra Moore, girl, April James and Lorreann Paterson, boy, April 5. Joseph and Mihee Zolnierowski, boy, April 5.

Manuel and Lydia Olivares, girl, April 6. Thomas and Sandra Laufenberg, girl, April 7. Michael and Connie Thompson, boy, April 7. Troy and Donna Johnson, boy. April Lance and Kim Clark, boy, April 8.

Ricardo and Yolanda Hidalgo, boy, April 8. Jerry and Jackie Bentley, boy, April 8. David and Peggy Schondelmever, twin boys, April 8. Frank and Georgia Flournoy, boy, April 8. Glenn and Pamela Bennett, girl, April 9.

BIRTHS Tucson Medical Center Terry and Mary Mueller, girl, April Robert and Judith Sagar, girl, April Reuben and Lidia Martinez, boy, April 9. Peter and Andrea Childs, girl, April 9. James and Karen Turner, boy, April 9. Doris Jold, boy, April 9. Robert and Barbara Beaudry, boy, April 9.

Joe and Rebecca Wright, boy, April 9. Michael and Karla Kennicott, boy, April 9. Steven and Lorel Best, girl, April 9. Arnold and Martha Romero, boy, April 9. Deborah McRay, boy, April 10.

Ramon and Annie Figueroa, boy, April 10. Richard and Deborah Truchsess, boy, April 10. Frank and Carol Miranda, boy, April 10. Albert and Lydia Hernandez, boy, April 10. Russell and Cherielynn Kelley, girl, April 10.

Frank and Melinda King, boy, April 11. Arthur and Marylou Navallez, girl, April 11. Juanita Duran, boy, 11. Randall and Beth Dantoni, boy, April 11. Juan and Maria Cambron, boy, April 11.

Norberto and Lorraine Valenzuela, girl, April 11. Edwin and Kimberly Perry, boy, April 11. Paul and Sheron Gomez, boy, April 11. Phillip Lewis and Virginia Enriquez, boy, April 12. Timothy and Sheryl Abriola, boy, April 12.

Leander and Elvira Mase, boy, April 12. James and Barbara Nieto, girl, April 12. Home Birth John and Judy Hintz, girl, April 11. SMYSER, Linda L. and Michael R.

Dodge. This coupon worth two truck payments PRECISION TAYOTA April 10,19 82 3500 TUCSON, E. AZ 85716 SPEEDWAY Name The to the order of Your PAYMENTS Pay Truck Two Free PRINCIPAL INTEREST TOYOTA Jack SIGNATURE Rowe 3, 1982 10 Thru May Good April Offer No Payments Make The First 105 Two Days! Payments)' PLUS APR FINANCING 123. Diesels 4x4 Land Cruisers Crew Cab Ton Regular Pickups. Rowe's credit during Trucks Limited program contracts, this time through only purchased offer special offer on our good 48 from good program.

prerranged only months only Precision on or on New bank 36 approved month Toyota financing precision Open Weekdays til 9:00 PM Sat. Til 6:00 PM A 795-5565 3500 E. Speedway Freezing ley and the reporting a degrees. Georgia week's record cent of the peach crop. Florida tral part of 100 sinkholes major cave-ins, est measured Joe Gilbreath, County.

Following TROMBLE, Goldie BOSS, Nora Dean. RICHARDSON, 'BARSTOW, Seuhan Elroy. MOORE, Shirley weather lingered over the Ohio Val- Coast, the National Weather Service said, "The mid-Atlantic states, with Baltimore 1981-82 season will go down as the wettest in nearly record low April 12 temperature of 29 a century over central California." Between July 1 and Easter Sunday, 36.28 officials reported yesterday that last inches of rain fell in San Francisco, the most rain freeze may have destroyed 60 per- since 1890. The normal rainfall for the period is state's apple crop and 25 percent of the 20.66 inches. The city's record rainfall, 49.27 inches, was 120 years ago, the weather service said.

officials said flooding rains in the cen- In Sacramento, 32.18 inches of rain had fallen the state may have contributed to about since July 1, nearly double the normal 17.22 inches opening up last week, including three and only four inches less than the 1852 record of many in the Ocala area. The larg- 36.35 inches. 80 feet across and 12 feet deep, said The weather service said record amounts of Civil Defense director in Marion snow for so late in the season were reported from most locations in the Sierra Nevada, with 20 to 40 the weekend rains on the West feet on the ground. Weather St. Joseph's Hospital Charles and Ellen Sewell, boy, April Richard and Marguerite Hansen, girl, April 9.

Jose and Amparo Francis, girl, April 10. Colin and Kathie Spicer, girl, April 10. DOMESTIC RELATIONS Marriage licenses Duane S. Wilson, 41, Tucson, and Carole Watlington, 28, Tucson. Paul Eugene Jones, 53, Tucson, and Jerrianne Anton, 40, Tucson.

Pedro S. Gomez, 21, Tucson, and Maria Acedo, 18, Tucson. John Tenney Doty, 28, Tucson, and Nancy Joan Barclay, 27, Tucson. Glen Dale Shiley, 35, Tucson, and Becky Ann Ruiz, 33, Tucson. Burdette Satterfield, 45, Tucson, and Jo Ann Landacre, 28, Tucson.

Joaquin Michael Mattias, 20, Tucson, and jewella Brendino, 19, Tucson. John C. Arnold, 52 Denver, and Virginia L. Long, 39, Tucson. Michael Timothy Bottazzi, 18, Tucson, and Kody Lynn Morris, 18, Tucson.

Richard William Shallman, 26, Tucson, and Margaret Catherine Foote, 26, Tucson. David Bell 28, Tucson, and Zella Mae Farmer, 25, Tucson. Louis H. Gonzales, 18, Tucson, and Lorraine E. King, 19, Tucson.

Pete Franco, 22. Marana, and Karen Renee Calhoun, 16, Marana. George Howard Ahern, legal age Tucson, and R. Maxine Tyree, legal age, Tucson. Michael James Greene, 25, Tucson, and Amy Jo Fratt, 24, Tucson.

John Dodman Cewe, 24, Arlington, and Maude Katherine Murl Wells, 25, Arlington, Va. Brian H. Clark, 19, Tucson, and Jill A. Weglos, 26, Tucson. Donald Sheppard McCorkle, 31, Tucson, and Laura Joan Gille, 24, Tucson.

Richard Allen McCormick, 27, Palm Springs, and Victoria Noreen Laws, 25, Tucson. John R. Shipman, 27, Tucson, and Theresa A. Long, 26, Tucson. Jose H.

Arizpe, 34, Tucson, and Patricia Jean Healy, 29, Tucson. Jeffrey Thomas Deibert, 20, Hackettstown, N.J., and Sandra Lynn Kruger, 19, Tucson. Robert Tilman Williams, 44, Tucson, and Susanne Grasso, 34, Tucson. Martin Vasquez, 18, Phoenix, and Armida D. Valenzuela, 17, Phoenix.

Petitions for marriage dissolution LISKA, Pearl M. and Michael J. CIALINI, Lynette Gail and John Charles. CAPP, M. Paul and Ruth H.

KUEHNLE, Marie Ann and Louis Elliott. RICE, Linda Irene and Gary Michael. HARRISON, Peggy Lee and Gregory Steven. J. and Don L.

Terese and Donald Jill H. and James H. Soylu and Leon B. and Robert L. Decrees of marriage dissolution SIMMONS, Douglas E.

and Vicki C. HICKS, Shirley Marie and Arthur Gene. CUTLIP, Janice Elizabeth and Kenneth Wayne Jr. JONES, Angel Dennis. DEAN, Terry Lewis and Monica SAUCEDO, Sylvia and Johnny Romero.

TAYLOR, Nancy Elizabeth and Richard Tolivar. WHERRY, Barbara A. and Richard A. McEWEN, Inez and Jacob. REVELLA, Allyce Jean and 1 Paul Benjamin.

ANKENY, Jo-Ann and Tony Robert. GAZAWAY, Ana M. and Donald L. Jr. TOHDE, Thomas and Alberta Lou.

ODEGAARD, Dean Marvin and Barbara Anne. PENN, Meredith T. and Albert K. WICIENSKI, Delores and Stanley John. DEATHS ANDERSON, George 90, Tucson, April 11, Hudgel's Swan.

AYCOTT, David 5, Tucson April 10, Bring's Broadway CARABETTA, Margaret, 15, Tucson, April 9, Bring's Broadway. CLARK, Gladys 81, Tucson, April 10, South Lawn. ELLSON, Iva 87, Sahuarita, April 8, South Lawn. FOSTER, Gilbert, 67, Santa Cruz, April 12 Hudgel's Swan. FOY, Tianca 4, hometown not available, April 11, Arizona.

JOHNSON, Stella 96, Tucson, April 11, Adair -Avalon. JONES, Donald 79, Tucson, April 12 Valley. MAGEE, Homer E. 82. Tucson, April 10, Bring's Broadway.

MALONE, Floradel, 71, Tucson, April 10, Evergreen. McCLURE, Leon, 58, Tucson, April 10, South Lawn. McELROY, James 95, Tucson, April 11, Adair -Dodge. MCNINCH, Charles 72, Tucson, April 11, Hudgel's Swan. MESSINGER, Herman, 76, Tucson, April 12 Bring's Broadway.

OCHOA, Socorro 66, Tucson, April 11, Tucson. REINHARD, Emmaline 54, Tucson, April 11, Adair -Dodge. RIVAS, Carmelita, 92 Tucson, April 11, Abbey. ROBERTS, James 76, Tucson, April 12 South Lawn. SANCHEZ, Martina age not available, hometown not available, Bring's Memorial.

STILWELL, Wayne age not available, Tucson, April 12, South Lawn. VALENCIA, Aurora age not available, Tucson, April 11, Adair- from National Weather Service (Weather Information: 294-7645 Weather Radio: 162.40 MHZ) Tucson Decreasing clouds, breezy and slightly cooler today. High in the mid-80s and low in the lower 50s. High High temp. yesterday.

88 Record this date (1946) 95 a year ago. Low temp. Low temp. a year 63 Record low this date (1967) Mean temp. 74 Mean temp.

a year ago 72 Normal temp. this dafe. 65 Barometer: 30.09 to 30.02 inches Humidity: 5 a.m. 5 p.m. Altitude at 2,630 feet Precipitation Yesterday to 5 trace To date.

2.93 inches Normal to date 2.28 inches Chance of rain: Air quality Particulates (mostly dust and smoke): 45; oxidants (partially visible automotive pollutants): 35; carbon monoxide (invisible automotive pollutants): 45. (0 to 50 is good; 51. to 100 moder ate; 101 to 199 unhealthful; 200 to 299 very unhealthful; and 300 and above constitutes an emergency.) Pima County Health Dept. Pollen count Olive: 262; mulberry: 63; rabbit bush: 44; ragweed: 34; bermuda: 24; canyon ragweed: 24; pine: 18; total mold: Johnson grass: alternaria: 3. Santa Catalinas (Summerhaven, Mounter Lemmon, attitude Low 42 High 62 Pcpn.

Alpine Bisbee Buckeye Bullhead City Canyon de Chelly Carefree Casa Grande Coolidge Cottonwood Douglas Flagstaff Gila Bend Phoenix area: Decreasing breezy and slightly cooler Weather satellite photo Cloud cover at 6 p.m. yesterday for Tuesday FORECAST 50 40 40 50 50 50 60 70 60 80 Figures show 70 high 80 90 90 90 NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE NOAA US D- pt Weather forecast through 5 this afternoon. Arizona Data for 24 hours through 5 p.m. vesterday Pcpn. Grand Canyon 10 North Rim .56 Phantom Ranch Lake Havasu Greer Heber Kingman Nogales Organ Pipe N.M.

Page Parker Payson Pcpn. Phoenix Pinetop Prescott Safford Sedona Sierra Vista Show Low Wickenburg Wilicox Williams Winslow 5471 Yuma cloudiness, Southeastern: Mostly sunny and today. High in slightly cooler today with breezes this the upper 80s and low in the upper 50s. afternoon. High in the mid-80s and low in the lower 50s.

White Mountains: Fair and cooler today with gradually decreasing winds. High in Southwestern: Decreasing clouds, the lower 60s and low in the mid-30s. breezy and slightly cooler today. High in in the upper 80s and low in the upper 50s. Nation Yesterday Today Yesterday Today City Pcpn.

Forecast City Pcpn. Forecast Albany rain Juneau rain Albuquerque Kansas City sunny Amarillo fair Las Vegas fair Anchorage fair Little Rock sunny Asheville windy Los Angeles fair Atlanta Louisville sunny Atlantic City sunny Memphis cloudy Austin Miami Beach .12 fair Baltimore fair Billings Milwaukee Birmingham Paul .02 Bismarck Nashville fair Boise .04 windy New Orleans fair Boston rain New York cloudy Brownsville Norfolk, Va. Buffalo rain North Platte sunny Burlington, V1. 3 rain Oklahoma City Casper windy Omaha sunny Charleston, S.C. Orlando fair Charleston, W.Va.

Philadelphia sunny Charlotte, N.C. windy Pittsburgh rain Cheyenne .01 sunny Portland, Maine .02 rain Chicago Portland, Ore. rain Cincinnati Providence rain Cleveland rain Raleigh windy Columbia, S.C. Rapid City .01 Columbus, Ohio Reno Worth fair Richmond Dayton St. Louis sunny Denver sunny St.

fair Des Moines sunny Salt Lake City .46 Detroit San Antonio Duluth .50 Diego El Paso fair Francisco .11 Evansville fair San Juan, P.R. Fairbanks Sautt Ste. Marie .35 Fargo .09 Seattle .24 rain Great Falls Shreveport fair Hartford rain Sioux Falls Helena rain Spokane .13 rain Honolulu Syracuse .04 rain Houston Topeka fair Indianapolis cloudy Tulsa Jackson, Miss. Washington Jacksonville fair Wichita fair World Wthr Wthr Wthr Amsterdam rain Johannesburg clear Sydney cloudy Athens clear Kiev cloudy Taipei clear Bangkok rain Lima clear Tel Aviv clear Barbados cloudy Lisbon rain Tokyo clear Beirut clear London cloudy Toronto clear Belgrade cloudy Madrid clear Vancouver rain Berlin cloudy Manila clear Vienna cloudy Bogota cloudy Montreal clear Brussels cloudy Moscow cloudy Cairo Buenos Aires clear clear New Nassau Delhi clear Mexico Caracas clear Nicosia clear Copenhagen cloudy Oslo clear Wthr Frankfurt clear Rio Paris clear Acapulco fair Geneva clear de Janeiro clear Guadalajara fair Havana cloudy Rome clear Mazatian clear Helsinki cloudy Sao Paulo cloudy Merida Hong Kong clear Singapore clear Mexico City Jerusalem clear Stockholm cloudy Monterrey fair Sun intensity prediction NEW ST QTR FULL LAST QTR Time Minutes in sun Predictions are for un9 of 11 10 a.m. day a.m.

a.m. to redden skin fore shine tanned suming People plexions with today somewhat can Caucasians, stay isn't darker longer in cloudy. com- sun- be- as- DOC noon burning. 1 p.m. 2 p.m.

Data from Arizona Uni- Sun 3 p.m. Awareness Project, 4 p.m. versity of Arizona Cancer Center. Sunset today: 6:56 p.m. Sunrise tomorrow: 5:48 a.m.

2 to receive UA citizen awards Mary Jane Welty, associate dean Nursing faculty since 1970, has been for Continuing Nursing Education at active in developing programs to upthe University of Arizona, will be pre- date professionals in the field of sented tomorrow with a UA Alumni geriatrics. She will receive her award Association Distinguished Citizen at a 6:30 p.m. dinner meeting of the Award. Beta Mu chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, And on 22, the association will national nursing honor society, in the April Citizen Union Club of the UA Student Union. present another Distinguished to Jay H.

Lehr, Lehr will receive his award Award executive at a director the 3:30 p.m. colloquium of the College of of National Water Well Association. Earth Sciences in the UA Geology Welty, a member of the College of Building..

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